Friday, May 23, 2008

Zizzyfay Fairy Clothing

I found this site, when I found an old friend online. Turns out this is what she's doing now.

I really love some of the designs & nature behind them & I'm hoping you do too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Dark Road of the Goddess ~ 20th March 2008

".....Stoned on courage inside your lover's cave,
you drink the darkness,
stroke a kitten's ghost, and pity her.
.....Before you know it,
the animals, plants and weather goddesses
are following your rhythm, making a hollow time
for souls to rest between fiestas....."

Found this on the Helium website on a article about 'The Dark Road of the Goddess: The Anti-Feminist Pagan Path'. It enabled me to re-think the way I work, as a Pagan & what happens when the full-moon rise, like it has started to today.

I, among many others, feel the dark when the moon is on it's full-moon phase. This darkness can be so overwhelming that you feel nothing else. Most people I know start to become very feral at this time of the moon-cycle.

Another factor of today, specifically would be the Spring Equinox. Rituals of which you will find on the Circle of Light site and the Times & Tides site.

The Seasons are the only time of the year that 'time' in it's own right, exists. The rising of the sun & rising of the moon offer us a more exact 'time', but time as it's own concept a) belongs to the Seasons and b) only exists within society because of it's concept & it has made society what it is now, a slave to it's own creation: Time. (Other such traumas of society exist such as the slavery to the machine or the computer, we create them, integrate them into society, then we become slaves to them).