Monday, January 13, 2014

Easy way to feed your garden birds

I'm back, I've been inspired.

We had some cooking margarine that went out of date & I was lead to feeding the birds with it as we're just coming into the chilly season here in the UK.

I melted down the margarine (you can also use margarine, lard or butter, the birds prefer lard and butter).

Threw in some old apples chopped up.

Add a lot of bird seed, but leaving enough melted margarine to help bind it all.

Poured the mix back into the margarine tubs.

Let them set as much as they will, can even put them in the fridge, or drop a string in so you can hang it from a tree at a later date.

N.B. If you are using margarine, don't set them up to string for a tree because margarine has a habit of breaking down before the birds get to it.

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